2° Festival Internazionale di chitarra classica “Homenaje”
Padova, 3 – 11 settembre 2022




SATURDAY 3rd, Sala dei Giganti (8 pm)
David Russell, Guitar Solo Recital

Fernando Sor (1778-1839), Morceau De Concert. Op. 54

Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757), Sonatas K. 490*, K. 491*

Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909),
- Granada
- Malagueña

J. Kuhnau (1660-1722), Two Parties
- Partie I (in A Major)*
Praeludium, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Gigue
- Partie II (in D Major)*
Praeludium, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Gigue

Bernhard Lackenbacher (1793-1858), Variations Brillantes Op. 3

Jorge Morel (1931-2021), Sonatina (dedicated to David Russell)
Allegretto, Andante Espressivo, Allegro

* Transcriptions by David Russell


Sunday 4th, Sala dei Giganti (8 pm)
Giacomo Susani, Guitar – Leonora Armellini, Piano

Manuel M. Ponce (1882-1948), Sonatina Meridional

Claude Debussy (1862-1928), Images - Première Série (Reflets dans l’eaux; Hommage à Rameau; Mouvement)

Malcom Arnold (1921-2006), Serenade for Guitar and Strings (arr. for Guitar and Piano)
Piano & Guitar

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (1895-1968), Fantasia op. 145 for Guitar and Piano
Piano & Guitar

Francesco Antonioni (*1971), I dialoghi dell'assenza (commissioned by “Homenaje” Festival)
Piano & Guitar

Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868), Overture from Il Barbiere di Siviglia (arr. F. Carulli for Guitar and Piano)
Piano & Guitar


Tuesday 6th, Scuola della Carità (8 pm)
Dušan Bogdanović, Guitar Solo recital

- Dušan Bogdanović (*1955),
- Improvisations
- In Winter Garden
- Seasonal Preludes
- 3 African Sketches

Francesco Canova da Milano (1497-1543), Fantasia no. 30

Dušan Bogdanović
- Ricercar on the Song “Marijo, Bela Kumrijo”
- Improvisations


Wednesday 7th, Barco Teatro (8 pm)
Evangelina Mascardi, Lute Solo Recital

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), Prelude, Fugue and Allegro BWV 998

Sylvius Leopold Weiss (1686-1750), Tombeau sur la Mort Ms. Logy

Johann Sebastian Bach, Suite pour la Luth BVW 997 (Prélude, Fugue, Sarabande, Gigue, Double)


Thursday 8th, Barco Teatro (8 pm)
Sean Shibe, Guitar Solo Recital

Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959), 12 Guitar Etudes

Luys de Narvàez (1490-1547), Guárdame Las Vacas, Mille Regrets

Thomas Adès (*1971), Habanera

Manuel De Falla (1876-1946), Homenaje: Le Tombeau De Claude Debussy For Guitar

Francis Poulenc (1899-1963), Sarabande (1960)

Harrison Birtwistle (1934-2022), Construction With Guitar


Friday 9th, Barco Teatro (11.30 pm)
in collaboration with Festival Pianistico Bartolomeo Cristofori and Taverna Maderna
Eugenio Della Chiara, Guitar – Alberto Chines, Piano

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (1895-1968), Fantasia op. 145 for Guitar and Piano

Carlo Galante (*1959), Domenico Fragments

Orazio Sciortino (*1984), Scarlattiana per chitarra

New commission (Taverna Maderna)


Saturday 10th, Scuola della Carità (8 pm)
Paul Galbraith, Guitar Solo Recital (Brahms Guitar)

Johann S. Bach (1685–1750), Suite in A (BWV Various)
Preludio, Sarabanda, Tempo di Minuetto, Allegro, Fughetta, ‘Claraiana’

Robert Schumann (1810–1856),
- Op.68 n.26, Album for the Young
- Op 99 n. 1, Bunte Blätter, For Clara at Christmas
- Op.124 n.14, AlbumBlatter, Vision
- Op.68 n.21, Remembering my friend Felix (Mendelssohn)
- Op.68 n.32, Sherazade
- Op.124 n.5, Fantasy Dance
- Op.124 n.15, Waltz
- Op.68 n.16, First Loss
- Op.68 n.35, Mignon
- Op.85 n.12, Evening Song

Enrique Granados (1867–1916), Valses Poeticos
Very lively, then melodic; Tempo of a noble waltz; Tempo of a slow waltz; Fast & humorous; Quite fast (elegant); Almost ad libitum (sentimental); Lively; Very fast; Return of ‘melodic’ waltz

Isaac Albeniz (1860–1909), Castilla (from ‘Spanish Suite’) Op.47


2nd International Guitar Festival “Homenaje”
Padova, 3rd – 11th September 2022




- Tuesday 6th, Barco Teatro (10 am)
The Italian guitar between the 1800s and 1900s.
Evolution, anecdotes, curiosities and contaminations with European culture

Lecturer Lorenzo Frignani, luther

The beginning of the nineteenth century, following the fall of the monarchies, was a period of great transformation for the guitar and its repertoire. A new social system conditioned the style and customs of the arts and music, along with its instruments, followed this transformation.
An uninterrupted path, which at the end of the 19th century, brings to the confirmation of the organology of that which we now call the "modern classical guitar”, a process that was fundamentally influenced by European culture.
Events, characters, curiosities and dynamics of this evolutionary process will be the core themes treated during the presentation.


- Wednesday 7th, Barco Teatro (10 am)
Improvisation and composition: ways of knowledge
Lecturers: Stephen Goss, Dušan Bogdanović

Two leading composers and guitarists share the stage to discuss creative processes and composing the guitar: the core of the talk will be improvisation, how this informs practice and can lead composers and interpreters to a deeper awareness.


- Saturday 10th, Barco Teatro (3 pm)
Miguel Llobet. Anew edition, a new Llobet
Lecturer Stefano Grondona

The important historical, critical and iconographic material accompanying the edition brings out a new image of Llobet as a key-figure in the history of the guitar, as well as an important exponent of Catalan Modernism.
This edition of Miguel Llobet's complete works is mainly based on primary sources (the Maestro’s autographed manuscripts) and contains a considerable number of previously unpublished works.
The edition is signed by Stefano Grondona, the interpreter who in recent times has contributed the most to increment interest in the figure of Llobet, starting with the recording of his complete works for guitar, both solo and ensemble, on six CDs.


2nd International Guitar Festival “Homenaje”
Padova, 3rd – 11th September 2022


The masterclasses will take place at Barco Teatro. Each artist will give lessons the day following the concerts that he / she will have held as part of the Festival. The schedule for each student will be published on the Festival website and communicated via email to the participants.
These are individual lessons open to the public, held on the stage of the theatre.

General timetable
Sunday 4th (full day), David Russell
Monday 5th (full day), Giacomo Susani
Tusday 6 th (afternoon) Michael Lewin – first part
Wednesday 7 th (afternoon), Michael Lewin – second part
Thursday 8th (full day), Evangelina Mascardi
Friday 9 th (full day), Sean Shibe
Saturday 10 th (morning), Stephen Goss (TBC)
Sunday 11 th (full day), Paul Galbraith

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