Tuesday, 7th September, Barco Teatro (10.00 pm)

The Torres model: stories and variations in the relationship with composition

Lecturers: Gabriele Lodi, Luigi Locatto

This first meeting addresses the organology of the instrument through the presentation of one of the models that have most influenced the history of the guitar, the one designed by Antonio de Torres. In the second half of the nineteenth century, he built instruments that have become a reference for the modern evolution of the guitar. The investigation will also focus on how this model has influenced the repertoire and how this relationship has evolved throughout the 20th and 21st Centuries.


Saturday, 7th September, Barco Teatro (10.00 pm)

Composition for guitar - An interview with Stephen Goss

Lecturers: Stephen Goss, Marco Ramelli, Giacomo Susani

Stephen Goss represents the synthesis of the figures of the guitarist and the composer; he will tell the audience about his experience in an interview / conversation conducted by two other guitarists-composers, Marco Ramelli and Giacomo Susani. The topics addressed will concern the original repertoire and the art of transcription, contextualizing the guitar in the wider panorama of contemporary composition.

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