The Masterclasses are 6 in total and they will be given at Barco Teatro by each teacher on the day after their concert. The detailed timetable will be posted on the website and communicated to the participants by email after Easter.
They will be 1-1 lessons held in public form, on the stage of the theatre, so that the student auditors can attend them. Masterclasses are occasions of high training and in-depth study of repertoire, interpretation and technique as well as very important opportunities to witness the relationship between student and teacher studying at a high level of specialisation.



  • Sunday 5th Sept, David Russell
  • Monday 6th Sept, Giacomo Susani
  • Thursday 7ht Sept, Michael Lewin
  • Wednesday 8ht Sept, Davide Tomasi / Marco Musso
  • Thurdsay 9ht Sept, Pietro Locatto
  • Friday 10ht Sept, Marco Socías
  • Friday 10ht Sept, Stephen Goss
  • Sunday 12ht Sept, Lorenzo Micheli / Matteo Mela

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