REGISTRATION - How to participate


There are 3 different ways you can register to the Festival:

1) “Homenaje – Performance Student” (free-pass): € 300,00 (registration form)

2) “Homenaje - Auditor Student”: € 120,00 (registration form)

3) “Homenaje - Audience”: €75,00 (full ticket) / € 35,00 (reduced for students)




1) “Homenaje – Performance Student” (free-pass): € 300,00
It is a “free-pass” for all activities and it provides a full attendance for the whole duration of the Festival, including convivial events.
Registration is open to a maximum of 21 performance students and the cost includes:
• Active participation in n. 2 masterclasses (1 hour each, with 2 different teachers, of your choice);
• Free admission to all other masterclasses as an auditor student;
• Free admission to all concerts and conferences;
• Dinners with musicians after their concerts.
Accommodation and all other meals are not included.
Deadline: 10th July 2022
A maximum of 21 performance students
will be selected, who will be assigned 2 lessons with 2 teachers each. The students will need to fill this form in, and they will be able to specify who they would like to have the lessons with.; together with it, you are required to attach a CV and the link to a short video of your playing (5-10 minutes long, unedited and not older than 1 year: this does not need to be made specifically for this application). Successful candidates will be selected by a judging panel: candidates will be informed of the result of their application and of the assigned teachers as soon as possible. The jury will try its best to meet each candidate’s preference, although this may not always be possible. In this case, the jury will assign students to teachers depending on the available spots for each teacher, and trying its best to make everyone as happy as possible.
The video, together with the application form, will be available for submission from 15th May to 10th July to email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The results will be announced a few days after the deadline (10th July) by email and successful applicants will need to complete payment by 10th August in order to confirm their participation in the Festival.

2) “Homenaje - Auditor Student”: € 120,00
This is a discounted subscription for students who do not want to take lessons during the masterclasses (or who are not selected for them) and it allows to attend all 6 of them (36 lessons in total) with a reduced price.
The admission to each masterclasses (with no subscription) costs € 30,00

3) “Homenaje - Audience”: €75,00 (full ticket) / € 35,00 (reduced for students)
It is dedicated to those interested in attending only the events (concerts and conferences); this is a discounted subscription for participation to all 6 concerts and it includes:
• Free admission to all the concerts (upon reservation required);
• Free admission to all the conferences (upon reservation required)
The ticket for single concerts, with no subscription, is: € 15,00 / € 7,00 (reduced for students)
The concert of Della Chiara-Chines (Guitar&Piano Duo), in collaboration with Festival Pianistico Bartolomeo Cristofori (Barco Teatro, 9th Sept, 11.30 pm) is out of subscription and the ticket is € 2,00.

In order to host the Festival members in the most comfortable and pleasant way, the Festival will communicate some cheap partnered accommodation as soon as possible.

Barco Teatro: via Orto Botanico 12 - Padova - tel. +39 375 5764000 - mail:

p. iva 05175550283

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