Festival Homenaje second edition is ready to start!
After the success of the first edition, Barco Teatro is glad to present the Second edition of the "Homenaje" International Guitar Festival, dedicated to the classical guitar. We will have the pleasure to host several internationally acclaimed guitarists (alongside exciting returns from the last edition) involved in solo and chamber recitals, as well as in a series of complementary and integrated events (such as public masterclasses and conferences): this is of great artistic and cultural interest for the City of Padua and his surroundings, as well as for the wide audience of both "experts" and amateurs on an international scale.

In addition to the previous edition’s programme, Festival Homenaje plans to commission a new composition for guitar and piano. This project celebrates the collaboration with another important concomitant musical event, the Bartolomeo Cristofori Piano Festival: the Piano and the Guitar, together on the stage for the second concert, with this première will seal the synergetic collaboration between two important musical events: further reason of enthusiasm for the city of Padua is to see two of its young talents playing together on the piano (Leonora Armellini) and the guitar (Giacomo Susani) on this occasion.

The Festival offers:
- Concerts
- Conferences
- Masterclasses

The concert schedule presents a series of very important national and international guitarists, coming from different generations and cultural backgrounds: first of all, the important confirmation of the return of one of the most beloved protagonists of the past edition, the Spanish/Scottish guitarist David Russell, who expressed himself the desire to give continuity and to return to playing and teaching at the Festival. The participation of new important international artists, such as the Scottish Paul Galbraith, who will make his innovative instrument known in Padua (the Brahms Guitar, 8-string guitar), the Argentine lutenist Evangelina Mascardi, who will open an enchanting window on ancient sound by proposing a concert for lute, Dušan Bogdanović, renowned Serbian-American guitarist and composer (who will also participate in the conference on Composition), the young Scottish talent Sean Shibe and finally the Artistic Director of the Festival, Giacomo Susani, who will play in duo with Leonora Armellini, Paduan -very talented pianist among the winners of the last edition of the Chopin Competition in Warsaw- a repertoire including a première commissioned by the Festival for this occasion.


As during the previous edition, most performers of the Festival will hold individual lessons open to the public on the stage of Barco Teatro throughout the week: the lessons are reserved for the Festival’s performing-students, but it is also possible to attend just as auditor-student or as audience. In addition to the performers, Festival Homenaje will have the honour of hosting Professor Michael Lewin, guitarist, lutenist and Head of the Guitar Department of the Royal Academy of Music in London.

3 conferences scheduled this year: the first will be on guitar making, by the Italian luthier Lorenzo Frignani, the Second on composition for guitar, co-presented by two of the leading guitarist-composers of the international scene, Stephen Goss and Dušan Bogdanović and finally a presentation by Stefano Grondona on his recent publications on the works of the Catalan guitarist Miguel Llobet for “Chanterelle”.


Saturday, September 3rd
• 4.00 / 6.00 pm: Opening (Introduction/welcome) (Barco Teatro)
• 8.00 pm: Concert: David Russell (Solo Guitar) (Sala dei Giganti)

Sunday, September 4th
• 10.00 am / 6.00 pm: Masterclass: David Russell (Barco Teatro)
• 8.00 pm: Concert: G. Susani-L. Armellini (Guitar & Piano) (Sala dei Giganti)

Monday, September 5th
• 10.00 am / 6.00 pm: Masterclass: Giacomo Susani (Barco Teatro)
• 8.00 pm night off

Tuesday, September 6th
• 10.00 am: Conference: The Italian guitar between the 1800s and 1900s.
Evolution, anecdotes, curiosities and contaminations with European culture (Lecturer: Lorenzo Frignani) (Barco Teatro)
• 3.00 am/6.00 pm: Masterclass: Michael Lewin (Barco Teatro)
• 8.00 pm: Concert: Dušan Bogdanović (Solo Guitar) (Scuola della Carità)

Wednesday, September 7th
• 10.00 am: Conference: Improvisation as a way of knowledge
(Lecturers: Dušan Bogdanović, Stephen Goss) (Barco Teatro)
• 3.00 am/6.00 pm: Masterclass: Michael Lewin (Barco Teatro)
• 8.00 pm: Concert: Evangelina Mascardi (Solo Lute) (Barco Teatro)

Thursday, September 8th
• 10.00 am / 6.00 pm: Masterclass: Evangelina Mascardi (Barco Teatro)
• 8.00 pm: Concert: Sean Shibe (Solo Guitar) (Barco Teatro)

Friday, September 9th
• 10.00 am/6.00 pm: Masterclass: Sean Shibe
• 11.30 pm: BarTolomeo Concert: E. Dalla Chiara- A. Chines (Guitar & Piano) (Barco Teatro)

Saturday, September 10th
• 10.00 am: Conference: Miguel Llobet. Anew edition, a new Llobet
(Lecturer: Stefano Grondona) (Barco Teatro)
• 8.00 pm: Concert: Paul Galbraith (Solo Brahms Guitar) (Scuola della Carità)

Sunday, September 11th
• 10.00 am/6.00 pm: Masterclass: Paul Galbraith (Barco Teatro)

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