The character of the Festival
Festival Homenaje offers the opportunity to participate to an intensive “campus” dedicated to the classical guitar. A week rich of events focused on the guitar (concerts, masterclasses, conferences), through the involvement of very high-quality musicians, the beauty of the venues as well as the creation of a particular environment of conviviality will contribute all together to creating a special occasion to celebrate the past, the present and the future of the classical guitar. The members will have the opportunity to get to know, hear, watch and compare different experiences and ways of playing and teaching the guitar.
For these reasons, registration procedures have been designed to provide favourable conditions for a full participation during the whole duration of the Festival: we strongly encourage to do so, as this is the most productive and interesting way to get involved.


There are 3 different ways you can register to the Festival: “Homenaje – Performance Student”, “Homenaje – Auditor Student”
“Homenaje – Audience”


The Festival will take place from 3rd to 11th September 2022 in Padua, a beautiful historical town near Venice (Italy), rich in art, history and culture. The venues of all the events are all very important monumental sites and are located in the monumental city centre, very close to each other.

  • Recitals by David Russell and duo Giacomo Susani (Guitar) -Leonora Armellini (Piano) will take place at Sala dei Giganti (Piazza Capitaniato, Padova) (map).
  • Recitals by Evangelina Mascardi and Sean Shibe will take place at Barco Teatro (via Orto botanico, 12) (map).
  • Recitals by Dušan Bogdanović and Paul Galbraith will take place at Scuola della Carità (via S. Francesco 61) (map).
  • Conferences and masterclasses will take place at Barco Teatro (via Orto botanico, 12) (map).

sala dei gigantiSALA DEI GIGANTI

The Sala dei Giganti originally belonged to the Palazzo dei Carraresi (from the name of the da Carrara family which governed Padova in the 14th century). This great hall was named from the size of the figures – personages of Ancient Rome – depicted in the frescoes. The original cycle, now lost, was inspired by Petrarch at the invitation of Francesco I da Carrara, whose guest he had been, on the basis of his De viris illustribus, recounting the lives of illustrious men in the history of Rome. The first decoration of the hall, completed a few years after Petrarch’s death (1374), is attributed to either Altichiero da Zevio or Jacopo Avanzi. Among the personages portrayed was Petrarch himself, posthumously: his portrait is the only one of the older cycle which has survived. The hall was completely renovated in the 16th century. A new cycle of frescoes was completed around 1540, by Domenico Campagnola and his collaborators, in which the theme of two centuries earlier was taken up again, with changes to some of the subjects depicted. The Sala dei Giganti housed the University Library from 1631 to 1912. The frescoes were restored to their original splendour during recent works, completed in 2008.

sala dei gigantiSCUOLA DELLA CARITA’

The School of Charity is a building of medieval origin where the Confraternity of Charity, a lay association dedicated to the aid of the poor and sick, flourished with the foundation of the Hospital of San Francesco.
The building became the location of the School of Charity after the death of Sibilla de Cetto (1421), wife of Baldo Bonafari from Piombino, who financed the construction of the Hospital of San Francesco, the church and the convent of Observance. The interior walls of the Hall were frescoed by Dario Varatori, the father of Padovanino, in 1579 with Stories of the life of the Virgin, the last great cycle of frescoes executed in Padua towards the end of the XVI century. The scenes with the episodes of the life of the Virgin are twelve. There is a thirteenth one that represents Baldo Bonafari and Sibilla De Cetto.

sala dei gigantiBARCO TEATRO

Barco Teatro has been founded at the end of 2018 in Padua in the renovated “barchessa” of Villa Tron (a seventeenth-century complex located between the Botanical Garden, the Basilica of S. Antonio and Prato della Valle) with the ambition of proposing a varied and diversified cultural itinerary mainly on classical music, theatre and figurative art. It is a space with a capacity of 100 seats with a stage of ideal dimensions to accommodate - as regards classical music - chamber ensembles or soloists and - theatrical performances.
The equipped walls of the room is dedicated to host figurative art exhibitions that perfectly interact with the performances on the stage: in this way, Barco Teatro becomes a multidisciplinary - often synchronic - container of different artistic expressions, offering the viewer a decidedly new and original experience in the city context.
The acoustics, designed by a sound engineer, the technical equipment and the particular dimensions and conformity of the space put artists and audience in a particular continuity and make Barco Teatro perfect for chamber music and for an engaging participation in music.
At Barco Teatro there are the organizational headquarters and the administrative office of the Festival and there will be hosted 2 concerts, all the conferences and masterclasses and, last but not least, all the end-of-concert dinners, reserved for enrolled students, very appreciated convivial occasions by students and musicians participating in the first edition.

Barco Teatro: via Orto Botanico 12 - Padova - tel. +39 375 5764000 - mail:

p. iva 05175550283

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