The character of the Festival
Festival Homenaje offers the opportunity to participate to an intensive “campus” dedicated to the classical guitar. A week of different kinds of events focused on the guitar (concerts, masterclasses, conferences), through the involvement of very high-quality musicians, the beauty of the venues as well as the creation of a particular environment of conviviality, will contribute all together to creating a special occasion to celebrate the past, the present and the future of the classical guitar. The members will have the opportunity to know, hear, watch and compare different experiences and ways of playing and teaching the guitar.

For these reasons, registration procedures have been designed to provide favourable conditions for a full participation during the whole duration of the Festival: we strongly encourage to do so, as this is the most productive and interesting way to get involved.

The Festival will take place from 4st to 12th of September 2021 in Padua, a beautiful historical town near Venice (Italy), rich in art, history and culture. The venues of all the events are located in the monumental city centre and very close to each other. The headquarters will be in Barco Teatro, that is also the venue of the masterclasses, conferences and of most convivial occasions (such as dinners with students and musicians after each concert).


  • Recitals by David Russell, SoloDuo and Marco Socías will take place at Auditorium Pollini (via Carlo Cassan 17 Padova) (Map).
  • Recitals by Pietro Locatto, Tomasi-Musso Guitar Duo and Giacomo Susani will take place at Barco Teatro (via Orto botanico, 12) (Map)
  • Conferences and masterclasses will take place at Barco Teatro (via Orto botanico, 12) (Map)


How to participate 
There are 3 different ways you can register to the Festival: the first (“Homenaje - Performance Student”) is a “free-pass” for all activities and it provides a full attendance for the whole duration of the Festival, including convivial events; the second (“Homenaje - Audience”) is dedicated to those interested in attending only the events (concerts and conferences); the third (“Homenaje - Auditor Student”) is suitable for students who want attend masterclasses just as auditors.


1) “Homenaje – Performance Student” (free-pass): € 250,00
L’iscrizione è aperta ad un massimo di 18 persone e il costo comprende:

  • Active participation in n. 2 masterclasses (with 2 different teachers);
  • Participation in all other masterclasses as an auditor student;
  • Free admission to all concerts and conferences;
  • Dinners with musicians after their concert.

Accommodation and all other meals are not included.


2) “Homenaje - Audience”: € 75,00 (full ticket) / € 35,00 (reduced for students)
This is a discounted subscription for participation to all 6 concerts and it includes:

  • Free admission to all the concerts (upon reservation required);
  • Free admission to all the conferences (upon reservation required)

The ticket for single concerts, with no subscription, is: € 15,00 / € 7,00 (reduced for students)

3) “Homenaje - Auditor Student”: € 100,00
This is a discounted subscription for students who do not want to take lessons during the masterclasses (or who are not selected for them) and it allows to attend all 6 of them (36 lessons in total) with a reduced price.

The admission to each masterclasses (with no subscription) costs € 30,00.


How to apply 
The admission as a Performance Student is reserved to a limited number of people (maximum 18): if admitted, you can take 2 masterclasses with 2 different teachers (to choose 1 among David Russell - Marco Socías - Lorenzo Micheli - Matteo Mela and the other among Pietro Locatto - Giacomo Susani – Davide Tomasi - Marco Musso).
To be selected, you need to send an application  (form) with your personal details and your choice of the 2 teachers you would prefer to have a masterclass with; together with it, you are required to attach a CV and the link to a short video of your playing (5-10 minutes long, unedited and not older than 1 year: this does not need to be made specifically for this application) BY AND NO LATER THAN 31ST OF JULY. A professional team of guitarists will select 18 candidates to be admitted to the Festival as Performance Students. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that every students will get a masterclass with their preferred teachers: we will try our best to make everyone happy.
The results will be announced a few days after the deadline (31th July) by email and successful applicants will need to complete payment by 6th August in order to confirm their participation in the Festival.



How to participate and how to book
It is also possible to attend only single concerts and conferences by booking online

  • For concerts, booking and purchasing tickets is always mandatory (except for “Homenaje Performance Student” and “Homenaje Audience” subscriptions) and the reservation is confirmed at the time of online purchase, until seats are available. Full price ticket is € 15,00; reductions for students: € 7,00
  • For conferences, the admission is free but booking is mandatory, until seats are available.

La prenotazione è obbligatoria e confermata al momento dell’acquisto del biglietto e fino ad esaurimento della disponibilità dei posti a sedere.


In order to host the Festival members in the most comfortable and pleasant way, the Festival has entered into an agreement with hotels close to the Festival sites.
You can find the list of partnered hotels below:

      • Hotel Casa del Pellegrino, via Cesarotti 21 – tel. 049 8239711
      • Hotel Giotto, P.le Pontecorvo, 33 – tel. 049 8761845

The reservation must be made by the participants directly with the hosts.

Barco Teatro: via Orto Botanico 12 - Padova - tel. +39 375 5764000 - mail:

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